31 Days of Chicago Adventures

Chicago Skyline

“My kind of town, Chicago is.” Frank Sinatra

Welcome to Lost and Food! This is where I share my adventures of getting lost in the world… and, well, eating food. I love traveling and have a few trips coming up later this year, so stay tuned.

But October is all about Chicago, my hometown.

  1. Intro
  2. Restaurant Row
  3. The Field Museum
  4. Restaurant Review: Parachute
  5. Willis Tower vs the Hancock Center
  6. Restaurant Review: Grace
  7. Best Mexican Food in the West Loop
  8. Outdoor Artwork
  9. Restaurant Review: EL Ideas
  10. Museum of Science and Industry
  11. Best Korean Food
  12. Duck Duck Goat
  13. Best Donuts in Chicago
  14. And more!

Can’t wait to read the other bloggers participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge!

Update: It looks like it’s going to take me longer than 31 days to share my 31 Chicago adventures, but I’ll get there. Thanks for sticking with me! (I’ve always considered myself more a tortoise than a hare 🙂

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