Hi, my name is Kelly. I was born and raised in Indiana, and so were my parents, and so were my grandparents. We’re a put-down-roots kinda people, but I’ve always had a wandering eye.

Indiana [in-dee-AN-uh] n. 1. A state in the central United States or Midwest, 2. Crossroads of America 3. “Indiana? I think I drove through one time…” See also: Hoosiers movie

Growing up, my parents, brother and I would hop in our awesome minivan each summer and drive to a new vacation spot. We traveled all over the US: Wyoming, Texas, Florida, New York, DC. I would declare that I loooved this new place, and I was totally, definitely moving there when I grew up. (At least, until the next trip rolled around.)

Following my wanderlust urge, I moved to Washington, DC, then Chicago. But now I have a bigger adventure in mind: Traveling Asia for 6 months.

“Say what?!?” ~My parents

It sounds crazy to Americans, but my husband is Australian and it’s much more normal for young adults there to go on long trips. He’s been to something like 70 countries, while I can still count mine on two hands.

So that’s the plan. We’re planning to travel to a dozen countries in Asia, jumping from hostel to hostel in search of adventures.

Grab your forks and chopsticks, and join me as I get lost around the world and try the weirdest foods I can find : )


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