Best Donuts in Chicago

The Brown Sugar Peach Marmalade donut from Glazed and Infused is my favorite.

The Brown Sugar Peach Marmalade donut from Glazed and Infused is my favorite.

Growing up, my parents were STRICT about breakfast food. “It’s the most important meal of the day yada yada yada,” they said. On school days, I was only allowed to eat cereal with milk, so I wouldn’t crash from a sugar high in the middle of times tables or the American Revolution. (Like George Washington would mind.)

But Saturdays were special.

I’d wake up and stumble into the kitchen to find a white cardboard box waiting for me. The fog of sleep circling my brain would disappear, and the only thing that mattered in life was whether a chocolate sprinkle donut was under that lid.

Glazed Infused Donut Chicago Sprinkles


It made the weekends feel like a treat. I think that’s what I love about donuts now: it feels like something special. Thankfully, Chicago is a donut town. (My kind of town.) So I have many options for doughy deliciousness:

Doughnut Vault (401 N. Franklin St): Ben Franklin once said, the “only two things certain in life are death and taxes.” I would like to add a third: The Doughnut Vault will have a line. The last time I got my donuts here, I waited in line for 40 minutes in the rain. While the Gingerbread donuts were a festive Christmas in July, I just felt like the experience was more about lemmings in lines than donuts.

Glazed Infused Donut Chicago

Glazed & Infused. Top row: Brown Sugar Peach Marmalade, Chocolate, Maple Bacon Long John, Vanilla Bean Glazed; Bottom row: Sweet Tooth, Red Velvet, Sprinkles, Fritter

Glazed & Infused (813 W. Fulton Market): This is my favorite donut place in Chicago. They have the right mix of old reliable flavors with a new twist. A perfect blend of sweet, tart and doughy, the Brown Sugar Peach Marmalade donut is my favorite. If it’s your first time, the Maple Bacon Long John with bacon is required eating.

Do Rite Donuts

Pistachio-Meyer Lemon donut from Do-Rite Donuts

Do-Rite Donuts (50 W. Randolph St): The last time I visited Do-Rite Donuts, a woman on the street asked if I was worried about getting jumped for my donuts. She must’ve gotten a whiff of my Valrhona Chocolate Cake or Pistachio-Meyer Lemon donuts, because they are *almost* worth considering jail time for a bite.

Beavers Donuts

Beavers Donuts

Beavers Donuts (131 N. Clinton St): If you’ve ever wanted to say, “I ate a dozen donuts today,” Beavers Donuts is your spot. Most days, I favor big, doughy donuts, but sometimes I’m just in the mood for crazy flavor combinations like marshmallow and Rice Krispies, or bananas with Nutella.

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