Best Mexican Food in the West Loop

Cauliflower at Bar Takito

Cauliflower at Bar Takito

I tried Bar Takito for the first time last night, and it reminded me that we have some great — and not so great — Mexican food options in the West Loop.

First up, la comida deliciosa!

Bar Takito (201 N. Morgan St.): I love sharing small plates, and Bar Takito is perfect for that. My favorite dishes of the night were the ceviche and the cauliflower with peppers, arugula and olives.

Mas (800 W. Washington St.): Again, sharing plates is easy at Mas, and their taco combinations are fantastic. The doraditos de tinga was my favorite taco, but I’ve never been disappointed with my order.

Cemitas Puebla (817 W. Fulton Market): My favorite thing to order here is the chalupas. I also order the guacamole with chips, and I can never finish the whole thing.

Ceviche at Bar Takito

Ceviche at Bar Takito

Mexican restaurants to skip:

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